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Need to find a gas fitter? Using gas in our homes is essential to get through day-to-day living. However, having gas operated appliances and heating systems also poses a threat to lives and properties. Therefore, it’s important to find a certified and licensed gas fitter plumber to deal with gas problems at home. Not all plumbers and those calling themselves gas fitters are qualified to do the job. Below, we round up helpful tips for how to find a gas fitter:

Find a gas fitter with a license

First and foremost, look for a gas fitter with a license. Working with unlicensed contractors is both unsafe and illegal. Since gas fitting regulations differ from state to state, the best thing to do is ask to see your contractor’s gas fitting card.

Gas fitters do residential, commercial, and industrial work including:

  • Repairs
  • Servicing
  • Replacements
  • Installation

Becoming a gas plumber means going through the necessary theory-based training and hands-on experience under the supervision of a licenced practitioner. In NSW, for unrestricted gas fitting work, one must complete a certificate in Certificate III in Gasfitting CPC32713/ CPC32712/ CPC32711/ CPC32708/ BCP30403 and the units of competency. In addition, one must show evidence of apprenticeship completion and at least 2 years of combined industry experience. With so much to accomplish, hiring a certified gas fitter ensures that quality and safety standards are met at all times.

Find a gas fitter with insurance

Another thing to consider when looking for a gas fitter is insurance. Insurance is a crucial requirement since dealing with gas fitting is too risky. Hiring the services of an insured gas fitter will protect your family and property from serious injuries and damages. Make sure to ask if the personnel is insured. That way, you will have peace of mind that the gas fitter or gas plumber’s insurance will take care of the injuries and damages should something happen while on your property. A licenced and certified gas fitter will not only give you the assurance of getting the job done but will save you the costs that will potentially arise from damages or accidents.


A good gas fitter should be available to provide service 24/7. Availability and response time are important because gas problems are normally an emergency. At Plumbing by Daniel & Co. our team of on call plumbers and fitters provides emergency repairs, installation, and maintenance. Equipped with the proper experience and licences, we guarantee safety and quick response time for any of your gas problems and issues.


Cheap gas fitting rates aren’t necessarily good. The same goes for gas fitters who charge way more than the competition. Go for a gas fitter who charges based on the usual local rate and the type of work. Normally, the standard rate can range from $60 to $90 per hour. Expect extra costs for products or materials used if replacement and repairs need to be carried out. Also, a call-out fee is normally added to your bill. At Plumbing by Daniel & Co. most jobs are agreed for a fixed price with no hidden costs. However, emergency call-out fees do apply – this is normally around $75.

Take advantage of our online quote request to give you an idea of the current market rates. But like mentioned above, the lowest quotes are not the ones to always go with. Choose a gas fitter that is most qualified to do the job.

What gas fitters can do for you

Our gas fitters at Plumbing by Daniel & Co. are equipped with the skills, experience, and certifications to do the following:

  • Gas pipe installation
  • Gas appliances and equipment installation
  • Flue installation for gas appliances and equipment
  • LPG system installation
  • Gas pressure and gas detection systems
  • Gas appliance and equipment maintenance
  • Read and interpret drawings, plans, and specifications
  • Advise customers or clients how to properly use gas appliances as well as maintenance information

Get in touch with Daniel & Co. today for all your gas fitting needs.