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Wondering about gas hot water system maintenance? Your gas hot water system at home is crucial for you and your family’s everyday routine, so you won’t want to lose it for even a day. Gas hot water system maintenance is vital in preventing that loss.

Routine checkups and gas hot water system maintenance will skip the chances of taking a cold shower or doing tasks without hot water. We at Plumbing by Daniel & Co don’t just offer general plumbing services – we also share tips on things you can do at home to make sure your gas hot water system is running smoothly.


Don’t touch the pilot light

Gas water heaters rely on pilot lights to work. Poor positioning of a gas heater can lead to pilot light failure. If the pilot light won’t switch on, do not attempt to tinker with it. The thermocouple might be triggered, so call a professional gas hot water system repairs technician instead.

Don’t underestimate service periods

Don’t wait until you notice a problem with your gas hot water system at home. Skipping or simply ignoring service maintenance often ends up being costly and dangerous. Even if the equipment seems to be working fine, some issues are less obvious than others. Our professional and licensed team members will be able to spot these. This will reduce the risks of serious problems while at the same time making sure your system is working at peak performance

Don’t do gardening work near a gas hot water system

When your gas hot water system is located next to the garden, you should be extra cautious when doing gardening and maintenance. Weed whackers, string trimmers and mowers can damage the pipes supplying gas to your system.

Don’t ignore the signs

If you smell gas or see a leak on the floor, don’t just mop it off or ignore it. Turn off the valve as the first preventive step, then review to diagnose the problem. Any small signs of a system fault should be treated with extreme care and precaution. Ignoring the tell-tale signs can be fatal and disastrous.

Don’t dismiss the surrounding factors

There are things and aspects around or next to your house that pose risk not just to your gas hot water system but to your well-being as well. Flammable liquid, solvents, paints; cleaners, oily rags, old clothing, and old papers are fire hazards that must be cleared away from your heating system. Also, the area where the heating system is located must have good ventilation and free from obstructions to eliminate the danger of fumes combusting.

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