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How to Unblock a Drain

One of the common issues when you have a bathroom or kitchen sink is that it gets blocked after some time. Fortunately, you can get back your blocked drains running smoothly in no time with just a few steps.

Things you will need to unblock a drain

  • Cub-shaped plunger
  • Sponge
  • Duct tape
  • Limescale cleaning product
  • Large towel
  • Beaker or cup
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Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


Steps you can do to unblock a drain

Follow these steps to provide emergency drain unblocking that you can do at home with ease.

  • Drain water from the sink

If your sink is half-filled with water and it seems stuck for a while, use a cup to remove and dispose excess water. Ensure that the sink basin is water-free before you proceed to the next step.

  • Seal the overflow

The area around the overflow needs to be sealed. So, wipe the area around it with the use of a towel or tissue. Use duct tape to seal the overflow or use dishcloth to mimic an airtight seal.

  • Use towel to cover the floor

Be mindful of the water that might spill over the edge of the sink. Use a large towel around the foot of the sink to prevent it from making a mess.

  • Clean the plughole

You can finally use the limescale cleaning product and sponge. But first, unscrew and remove the plughole. You might want to check down the plughole for any obvious blockages removable by hand.

After cleaning the area, replace the plughole and clean any moisture that you can see. If you have removed a blockage, run the tap to check if the sink drains properly.

  • Use the plunger

Put the tip of the plunger over the plughole and press it down tight. Run the taps for about 5 seconds until you can get 2 inches of lukewarm water surrounding the plunger seal.

Then, grip the plunger handle using both hands and pump it up and down to create suction.

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If in case a plunger is not available

Without a plunger, you can still manage to unblock a drain with these few alternative solutions. These are actually common household items that you can try as a good drain cleaning strategy.

As usual, always free your sink from water to ensure unobstructed access to the plughole. At the same time, flush away the blockage with a kettle of water.

  • Baking powder and white vinegar

Most of the time, these items are readily available in your kitchen cupboard. So, you need not purchase them from a local shop. Just a pop of 2 teaspoons of baking soda down to the plughole and chase it with 1 cup white vinegar. Allow it to stand for about 5 minutes and flush the blockage with 1 hot kettle of water.

  • Washing powder

For oily blockages, you can use the washing powder to clear greasy substances down the sink. You only need 2 tablespoons of washing powder and pour it down the plughole and chase it right away with 1 kettle of hot water.

You might want to use baking soda crystals instead of the washing powder as an alternative for drain clearance.

  • Alka seltzer and white vinegar

You can still try this option if this is the only one available in your cupboard. Simply add 2 tablets down the sink.

  • Contact emergency drain unblocking professionals

If the alternative solutions are not as effective as you expect, then you should contact professional emergency plumbers in Sydney to handle the job.

Remember that leaving a slow running sink can lead to total blockage and is proven to cost you in the end.

Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


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