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How to Unblock a Soil Pipe Effectively

Soil pipes run through your homes and businesses. They have an important role in keeping your homes and buildings clean, safe, and running smoothly. If you have a problem with your soil pipe, you will notice some unpleasant odours coming from the drains and the possibility of a slow-draining toilet.

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How to know if your soil pipe is blocked?

You can tell by the way it smells that the soil pipe is indeed blocked at some point. Thus, you need to fix blocked drains promptly to avoid suffering the consequences if you leave it alone.

Failure to act on this matter quickly will cost you in the end. If you think that you cannot do the job yourself, you can contact your local emergency plumbers in Sydney.

Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


What are the common culprits of blocked drains?

  • Putting food scraps, bottles, cans, fat, grease, and rags down the toilet
  • Putting food waste, tea leaves, hot grease, other rubbish down the wastewater pipes from basins, laundry tubs, and sinks
  • Growing tree roots into the pipe joints, as well as soil blocking the pipe due to breakage by vehicle traffic

How to fix a blocked soil pipe?

You have to know where the specific pipe is located within your home before you proceed with the drain maintenance. How? Below are the steps.

  • Always equip yourself with safety equipment like protective clothing, face mask, and other gear to ensure safety.
  • If your soil pipe is made of cast iron, acknowledge that it can be quite challenging to fix without the help of a professional.
  • If it is made of plastic, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Find the cleaning eye, which is the large hinge located where the branch pipes meet the main stack. Unscrew it and insert a drain auger or snake tool or toilet jack.
  • Pass the drain auger through pipes until encounter a blockage. Crank the handle that releases the coiled wire. Push and pull the auger to remove the blockage and eventually allow backed-up water to begin flowing freely once again.
  • After that, ensure that you disinfect the stack properly with the use of an anti-bacterial spray and hose, before you put it all back together.
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What are the standard tools for drain cleaning?

Note that you have to be equipped with the right tools to handle the job perfectly. A single mistake can lead to consequences that can cost you more than just hiring professional drain specialists.

  • Snake – One of the most flexible tools for drain cleaning is the snake. This is a long wire, tube-like equipment used to push the blockage all the way down the pipe.
  • Plunger – This is used to suction and release backup to get the drainage working back again.
  • Wire brushes – These are small wire brushes used to clean some gunk after the removal of blockages from the drain.
  • Drain cleaners – These are chemicals to remove some of the buildup inside for drain unblocking.

If you are not up to the challenges associated with unblocking a soil pipe, you can contact reliable plumbers in Sydney to do the job for you.

Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


Need Help From a Plumber in Sydney?


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