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What to do when your pipes burst? A burst pipe is an unfortunate reality for every homeowner. Coming home to a dripping kitchen sink, water gushing out from the brick wall, or flooded floor is a nightmare. Although this rarely happens, you should know what to do to lessen the damage.

Signs of a broken pipe

Don’t let your burst pipe go undetected. Watch out for the following signs to resolve the issue before severe damage occurs:

  • increased water bill
  • puddles under the kitchen or toilet sink
  • problems with water pressure fluctuating
  • rusty or discoloured water
  • metallic water smell
  • pipe clangs and noises behind walls

Knowing what to do when your pipes burst will limit the water damage. Unfortunately, homeowners do not have control over the circumstance but can do something to limit the water damage by doing the following:

Turn off main water supply

When you suspect a pipe burst, immediately shut off the main water supply. You can usually locate the main valve in the basement, under the kitchen sink, areas near the water heater, or outdoor near the sidewalk.

After switching off the mains, open your faucets to drain. Flush the water in the toilet too. Doing so will stop any leaks and other pipes from freezing.

Turn off electrical system

You may also need to disconnect the electrical panel. This is to eliminate the risk of electrical hazard especially if you suspect that the leaking water has reached electrical sockets or the fuse box. This depends however, on the location or size of the leak. But then again, as a precautionary measure better do so particularly if the leak is concealed. Once you have these two, call a professional for an emergency repair. The certified plumbers at Plumbing by Daniel & Co. have the tools and knowledge to locate the burst pipe and take care of the problem as soon as possible. A burst pipe repair will not only stop the expensive water bill charge but also save water wastage.

When your pipes burst:

Once your reliable plumber gets to your property, the plumber will then inspect if running water is not in use; running taps, or toilet before doing a lockdown water meter test. Your local plumber will also inspect inside the indoor and outdoor areas of the property to see any indications of a burst pipe. These common and obvious signs include a muddy puddle, water coming out from the wall, or green grass patches. But if the burst pipe is in a concealed location, a specific tool is needed to find the main burst pipe. This equipment proves to be an effective tool to locate a burst pipe or water leak under the concrete or in tight spaces. The use of this tool is efficacious for the plumber to cut and patch the smallest part of the pipe to complete the repair.

Burst pipe repair

A burst pipe is repaired once isolated. The main section of the burst pipe is cleared to be able to determine the depth of the burst water main and to ensure no debris will get into the broken pipe. Depending on the severity of the damage, the plumber may cut a section around the burst area and place a new section. Or it could be that the burst water main must be replaced. Once the repair is completed, the plumber will add safety measures to protect the pipe from potential risks and ground movement. Finally, you can now switch the main water supply back on. But before using any water, make sure to flush out the water main first to get rid of any debris or residue that may come in contact with the water while doing the repair.

Preventive steps

Knowing the amount of stress and financial burden a burst pipe can do, surely you do not want to go through the same ordeal again. Luckily, there are steps that you can do to protect your home in the future. A burst water pipe repair cost can hurt your pocket, so a ruptured pipe should be addressed properly and promptly to stop further hefty damage. Take these preventive steps to lower the risk of burst pipes later on. Now is the time to do winterise your home to prevent interruption of water supply and daily operation. This will also ward off expensive burst water pipe repair.


Protect your water pipes by adding insulation to reduce the possibility of the water pipes freezing and rupturing. Use pipe sleeves or heat tape to pipelines that are prone to freezing. But if you think this would be an additional and unnecessary cost for you, you can use old newspapers as insulation for exposed pipes like those in the bathroom or kitchen area.

Allow warmer air for enclosed pipes

Open cabinet doors or remove tiles of the basement ceiling to give pipes access to warmer air. Let this go on for a couple of minutes to allow warmer air to circulate inside the enclosed areas to avoid a ruptured pipe.

Maintain temperature

Do not allow inside temperature to change constantly. If possible, set the temperature the same, daytime and night-time. The interior temperature should be set at 55 °F. Periodically check the inside temperature to make sure recommended warmth is maintained.

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